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Do you want to put your web page in the top rankings of the most popular search engines on the web? Get listed in top major engines! Be Found! We offer keyword research, on-page-optimization and much more.

A default Joomla installation is not intrinsically optimized for search engine friendly optimization. Every page within your website must have a URL that fairly describes the information on hand on that page such as content items, contact pages, catalogs, description pages, boards, forums, etc.

To acquire search engine friendly URLs you can apply a Joomla component that vaguely automates this process. It should be done BEFORE you begin adding content to your site. Once search engines found your page as non-friendly URLs, problem arises, your website no longer match the information that search engine accept.

SEO nowadays is more than just mounting your rank on search engines. You must have a plan of action to undertake. Our staff would first analyze your website, find competitors and find out why they are always on top and finally create a proposal towards bringing your website forward. Ensuring your website belong to the top 10 in Google and other search engines.

Our Joomla SEO services include:

  • Site Analysis.
  • Keyword Research .
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • SEO Copywriting.
  • Creation of Meta Information .
  • Site Map Creation.
  • Link Popularity Building.
  • Web Site Load Time and HTML Validation .
  • Browser Search Engine and Directory Submissions .
  • Keyword Popularity Analysis.
  • Manual Directory Submission.
  • Article submission.
  • RSS feed submission.
  • Blog submission.
  • Manual Search Engine Submission.
  • Tweaking website structure and navigation .
  • Website Testing.
  • Ranking Report and many more...

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